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Tips For The Homeowner | Annapolis Realty, Annapolis Maryland

How To Make Your Home Sale A Success!!
The following are helpful hints for you, the Homeowner, to enhance your efforts towards a successful home sale; compliments of Annapolis Realty, Inc.:

You the Homeowner
In the event your home is being shown, attempt to make yourself scarce, this will help the potential Buyer to feel less restrained and more relaxed.  They will therefore have a greater tendency to voice any concerns and/or questions that they may have thus resolving any potential problems early.
If you do need to be at home during a showing then try to remain in one area such as working in the garage or workroom, or out in the yard.  Either of these activities creates a very positive image and remember, it is fine to have music playing softly in the house but don’t forget to keep the TV off.

Do not to follow the Real Estate Agent around the house during the showing, to volunteer any information or answer the Buyers’ questions yourself.  The Real Estate Agent is a professional and it is their job to answer questions or ask any questions of you that may be relevant or important.

The Interior of Your Home
Keeping your home; floors, bath fixtures, appliances, etc. sparkling clean is important.  Beds should be made early in the day, as unmade beds and late sleepers create a very negative image to potential Buyers.  Remember that while your home is on the market, you are in competition against model homes. 
Aromas such as baked bread, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls have a very warm and positive effect on potential Home Buyers.  You may want to consider keeping packaged cookie dough or bread dough on hand and just before a scheduled showing pop a batch in the oven.

Keep away from more poignant smells such as cabbage, vinegar, fish, heavy frying and other more intense cooking aromas.
A natural wood fire in the fireplace during colder weather can help make any home feel inviting but be sure to start the fire before the showing is scheduled.

On warmer days, try turning the air conditioner 4 - 5 degrees cooler than normal and in moderate weather, open the windows to let in the fresh air.
Touch up any areas in the house with paint that may need it.  Repainting any dark areas or rooms with a lighter color such as beige or off-white can make a big difference.  Light colors will always make a room feel larger and more airy.
If you happen to have any faucets that are dripping or leaking be sure to repair them as well as any commodes that may be gurgling.
Have any soiled carpets cleaned.

Increase the wattage of your light bulbs or add additional lamps to the room when a room still appears dark.  Be sure that your light fixtures and windows are clean and just prior to a showing, open the blinds and/or drapes and turn on lights (even during the day).  You want the home as bright and well lit as possible.  If you are not home during the day remember to turn the lights on prior to appointments, you may want to consider leaving them on while you are out. 

In the evenings, the more inside lights you have on, the better.  When people drive by the home, it should appear cheery and warm.  Many people drive by homes they have viewed earlier in the day, just to have another look.

Consider putting your lights on timers if you don’t want to leave them on all the time or if you are not there to turn them on & off.
Replace any torn or damaged shades or blinds.

Have drapes cleaned or replaced with light or neutral colored drapes if they are dark or worn.
Remove some of the items from your closets that are not needed at this time and put them into boxes stored neatly in the garage, attic or basement if your closets appear crowded.
Homes should never give the appearance of being too crowded or cluttered.  Remove any extra pieces of furniture or nick knacks.  You can place them in storage or neatly in the basement.
Work areas should be tidied up.  You may want to consider a yard sale to rid yourself of any excess items that you no longer need and are too good to throw away or consider donating them to a charity.  Otherwise, stack them neatly in boxes in a corner of the basement or garage out of the way.

Commercial garage floor cleaner can be used on unsightly grease and oil stains on the garage floor and driveway.  You may even want to consider using a commercial grade steam cleaner.

The Exterior of Your Home 
Seasonal blooming flowers placed near the front door and in a patio area give a very positive and inviting appearance.  A variety of bright colors can almost have your home sold before the potential Buyer walks through the front door.

Keep the lawn and shrubs well trimmed and consider using a greening fertilizer such as ammonium sulfate for a deep green lawn.

Ensure that any fences are well repaired and well painted.

In the event you have pets, please make sure that any dog mess is cleaned up out of the yard on a daily basis and secure any pet(s) whenever the house is being shown.

Bird feeders, Hummingbird feeders, and bird houses near a patio area or garden add a soft and friendly air.

Paint or refinish the front door if it shows excessive wear and check the trim and exterior house paint.  Depending on the exposure of the sun and the type of paint you may need to only paint the trim, or only one or two sides of the house.  Keep in mind that painting the home is inexpensive in comparison to the extra dollars that a home with a clean fresh appearance will bring.

Removing screens from windows and doors will give the home a cleaner and brighter appearance.

Place any lawn furniture in an inviting, attractive, leisurely manner.  Badminton sets or croquet set-ups will provide a positive image as well.

Take care of any necessary roof repairs or Buyers will want to deduct the cost even if your price has already been reduced to reflect the required work.  Delaying the repairs could actually end up costing you twice as much.

Clean out any gutters and down spouts removing any unsightly leaves and debris.  Check for proper drainage and alignment of all hardware.

Remember a well lit exterior will add cheer to your home and help at those times when a prospective Buyer wants to drive by in the evenings for that all important second look.
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